Darnestown’s settlement began in the early 1750s. The town is widely believed to have developed around an old Native American trail, now called Darnestown Road. In fact, Darnestown Road is one of the most historic in the entire county. William and Elizabeth Darne of Virginia were the offspring of wealthy landowners. The community was eventually named in their honor.

Complete with a sandstone mill, blacksmith and stagecoach, Darnestown is a cozy reminder of yesteryear. In 1855, the Darnestown Presbyterian Church was constructed from materials hauled from the local quarry. Stylish family farmhouses provide a charming backdrop. Home to one of three “roofed” gothic dairy barns, Darnestown is brimming with small-town historic beauty. No wonder that the community was deemed a natural spot for Union troops during the Civil War, with its links to transportation and commerce.

Locals interested in learning about their town’s long history and unique culture have access to many options. Several museums provide opportunity for cultural enrichment. The 410-acre Agricultural History Farm Park offers a glimpse into Darnestown’s farming past. The town’s Annual Hoedown is an early November event and a treat for everybody. The Sugarloaf Citizens Association, operated by community volunteers, reflects the town’s neighborly values and seeks to simplify and explain Montgomery County’s public policies for interested citizens.

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